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NDR Warehousing Pvt. Ltd, currently helmed by its Managing Director Mr. Amrutesh Reddy, is an integral part of the NDR Group. The group was founded in 1986 to cater to the storage needs of individual farmers by providing hygienic and cost-effective storage solutions. NDR warehousing Pvt Ltd has now transformed into one of the premier warehousing behemoths in India providing unmatched quality of industrial and distribution centers across the country at economical and judicious costs. Starting off with a 400 Sq.ft, the company, under the sagacious leadership of Mr. Amrutesh Reddy, which currently has a portfolio of around 10 million sq. ft, envisions adding another 5 million sq. ft with like-minded partners by 2022. We at NDR Warehousing, collaborate with every client in setting up ‘Built To Suit’ distribution centers that are smart and futuristic. Located strategically with unmatched ease of access and connectivity to the port/city center are the benchmarks of each of our distribution centers. We are cognizant of the diverse requirements of our customers and ensure we cater to this multifaceted clientele efficiently


To put India first, to provide Best in Class Logistic Infrastructure and nurture innovations to simplify and make the supply chain management more efficient.


To contribute effectively to the Indian supply chain by promoting all classes of warehousing & Industrial infrastructure at the right value for every customer’s requirements

Our Services

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As we have our own team of engineers and service providers, we offer leasing for variable sizes, amenities and customized requirements with Grade ‘A’ standards and facilities.

Industrial Space

Our industrial parks offer world class facilities which ensure that our customers are always kept ahead of their opportunities to grow and expand. We take the biggest dreams and make space for them.

Incity Warehousing

Our Warehouse are strategically located to serve all clients who can serve Express deliveries and need for establishing a centre to cater inside city with am/pm deliveries

Multi Party Warehousing

We source and build our warehouses in strategic locations to cater multi user facilities which have better access to wet/dry ports, airports and also to deliver clients within the city

Open Yard

We provide open space as per customer needs to cater odd storage sizes and support project logistics needs.

Ready to Occupy

Warehouses built in prime locations with the best of connectivity and world class facilities, ready to occupy by customers.

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What Makes Us Stand Out

Industrial Parks
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Industrial Parks




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Our Parks

Our Presence

With a portfolio of more than 10 million sq.ft across the country our facilities are built to modern specifications. Each of our facility is at an ideal location catering to our clients’ specific Supply Chain needs.

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